Mobility in the Workplace

Molly Wyz @ May 31, 2019 07:13 PM

We live in a busy, chaotic world where we are constantly trying to manage multiple aspects of our lives at once. We are attempting to fuse our work life, with our family life, and making sure not to fall too far behind on our Netflix binge list. While we are pretty good at managing all the small tasks in our lives, it takes a lot of work to keep our schedules straight. Especially when managing a small business, mobility allows us to keep updated on task management wherever we are.

Paper products are clunky and annoying to transport from work, to the gym, to your home. No one wants the responsibility of lugging a huge calendar around. In the process of transportation, paper products become wrinkled and must be folded several times to fit in our backpack or purse, sometimes making them illegible. Since we are perfectionists, we like to take our work home and have a second, third, and fourth glances at our progress so we can rework our schedule as needed to fit the due dates of projects.

Project management applications, such as Clockwyz, make it easy to take your work with you, without the hassle. Unlike some management software, Clockwyz stores all your data online, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your schedule at work or trying to find the right files to transfer to a small flash drive that could be easy to lose. For instance, our friend Molly works as a lawyer in a small law firm. Since Molly has Clockwyz, she can log in extra hours at her favorite coffee shop or she can work from home on a rainy day.

Mobility can make the many facets of your life easy to manage. With Clockwyz your schedule will follow you wherever you go making it easy to stay on task. 

Follow up:

Clockwyz isn't just a calendar that follows you everywhere you go, but it also analyzes your team's progress. Click here to find out how.

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