Negotiating a Fair Price for your Product

Molly Wyz @ May 14, 2019 05:48 PM

Careers aren’t only built on good ideas and hard work ethics, but also the ability to sell yourself as a small business owner or freelancer. Therefore, it is important to know how much you are worth in order to negotiate a price that is representative of the time you and your team log into creating your product. As a company, you don’t want to under sell yourself, making it harder to turn a profit and you don’t want to oversell yourself, potentially scaring off costumers. It is hard to estimate your worth as a start-up company, but even once you have established yourself in your industry there is still a certain amount of estimation that goes into pricing your ideas or products.

In order to accurately negotiate the worth of your company with your clients, it is essential to track how much time you spend on individual projects and tasks. Office supplies stores provide several options for organizing your company’s productivity such as a variety of calendars and notebooks. However, using paper products to keep track of productivity requires a second step to calculate how much time each process of the project takes.

With the Clockwyz app, not only can you keep track of the progress you and your team members make on projects, but Clockwyz also calculates and analyzes the data you input, putting the information into easily readable charts and graphs. For example, our friend Molly is a freelance journalist who needs to calculate how long she spent on her last project, so she knows how much to charge her new costumer. If Molly used Clockwyz to track her projects, she could easily calculate how long it took her to complete each task and calculate an accurate estimate for how much she is worth to her clients. Clockwyz charts and graphs also analyze how much individual team members spend working on projects and therefore can make it easier to adjust your employee’s pay accordingly.

Clockwyz allows business owners and freelancers to calculate their worth, the worth of their employees, and the worth of the overall company in order to negotiate prices with their clients. It is important to understand your self-worth in order to understand the worth of your product. Clockwyz allows you to match the price of your product with the amount of time it takes you to produce it.

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